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WOW – Illustrator and Printmaker La Shuks
WOW - Illustrator and Printmaker La Shuks

In the sea of illustrators, you need to have a distinct recognisable style so that clients remember you clearly when they think of who’s work is right for a particular job. But what if you just can’t narrow down a style? Don’t be afraid to have a couple of different guises! It’s important to keep […]

WOW – Designer and Illustrator Wijtze Valkema
WOW - Designer and Illustrator Wijtze Valkema

Internships, internships, internships. They are the best way to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Although your investment is big (low or no salary and no time for a job that does pay), doing an internship is an invaluable working experience and a boost to your professional career, regardless if you’re aspiring […]

WOW – Edward from The Enquiry Desk
WOW - Edward from The Enquiry Desk

Chances are that you’re doing other types of work inbetween creative freelance and your own projects.  Best not to be bitter about that.   You’re bringing money in and learning lots of skills you probably hadn’t even merited… seeing how a business runs, working well with people and being disciplined.  Plus, you never know who […]

WOW – The Enquiry Desk
WOW - The Enquiry Desk

Plan a work routine and stick to it.  Remember to factor in accounts, self promotion and updating your portfolio around commissions.  It may need to be adaptable during busy spells but will focus you during quiet times.  The Enquiry Desk, 2014 We deliver talks and events on creative professional practice and topical industry debates for higher […]

WOW – The Enquiry Desk Team
WOW - The Enquiry Desk Team

Don’t be scared of pricing.  Your creative skills are a commodity, so value them. The Enquiry Desk Team 2013  For help getting to grips with pricing a job and working out a daily rate check out these publications and organisations: an – artist’s fees toolkit calculator: The AOI – members dedicated pricing support via email […]

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