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WOW – Artist John Dilnot
WOW - Artist John Dilnot

If you are wondering how to do something, get on and do it and then wonder how you did it. I remembered being told this while I was at infants school. Soon after that I remember sliding down the steep playground on a patch of ice and banging my head on the flint wall at […]

WOW – Illustrator Tom Frost
WOW - Illustrator Tom Frost

Make sure you leave the house/studio during the day. Take yourself off to a cafe or a park. Go for a ramble in the woods. There is nothing worse than having a full day working and finding the front door still locked in the evening! Tom Frost 2012 Illustrator   Tom Frost studied illustration at […]

WOW – Artist and Illustrator Sam Chivers
WOW - Artist and Illustrator Sam Chivers

Fight for your copyright! There are no real unions for creatives so if you’re not happy with a contract, contest it. These things are often negotiable. Sam Chivers Artist & Illustrator since 1998 Studied: BA Illustration at Portsmouth University Sam Chivers is a UK based Illustrator and print maker. Working with both digital and handmade […]

WOW – Illustrator Owen Davey
WOW - Illustrator Owen Davey

The life of an illustrator can sometimes get a little isolated and lonely, but there’s nothing in the job description that says you have to work alone on a desk in an office space. Sometimes, it’s great to get out of the house and work somewhere else. I’ve created work on holiday in Prague, I’ve […]

WOW – Illustrator and Principal Lecturer Jake Abrams
WOW - Illustrator and Principal Lecturer Jake Abrams

It’s sometimes a hard job, a full time job, just waiting for that dream client to get in touch. All that pacing up and down that studio, all that stress, all those fingernails bitten right down. You’ve sent out all those samples, made those chirpy calls but they are taking their time  to really find […]

WOW – Paper Illustrator and Artist Helen Musselwhite
WOW - Paper Illustrator and Artist Helen Musselwhite

“Don’t rest on your laurels” was written in one of my school reports once and it’s always lurking somewhere in my head. Helen Musselwhite 2012 Paper Illustrator and Artist Studied: OND/ HND Graphic Design and Illustration at Swindon School of Art For me, it all started with one of those bumper packs of felt tips. […]

WOW – Peepshow Illustrator Jenny Bowers
WOW - Peepshow Illustrator Jenny Bowers

Never miss a deadline Jenny Bowers 2012 Illustrator and member of Peepshow collective Studied: Illustration and Animation BA at Manchester Metropolitan University and MA Animation Royal College of Art Jenny is one tenth of the UK based illustration collective Peepshow. She studied Illustration and Animation at Manchester Metropolitan University and then did an MA in […]

WOW – Illustrator and Graphic Artist Will Scobie
WOW - Illustrator and Graphic Artist Will Scobie

Draw something new every day, keep your craft tight and keep evolving. Will Scobie 2012 Studied: Communication Design BA Honours at Northbrook Will Scobie is an Illustrator and graphic artist. He has been featured in various publications worldwide and has exhibited in London, Barcelona and Berlin. He has worked with the likes of Channel 4, […]

WOW – Illustrator Steven Wilson
WOW - Illustrator Steven Wilson

Keep experimenting with your work at any opportunity whether it be on commissioned projects or self-initiated.   It’s easy to get pigeon holed and before you know it you are asked for the same kind of image over and over which takes the fun and creativity away. Steven Wilson 2012 Illustrator Studied: Illustration BA at […]

WOW – Illustrator Clare Mallison
WOW - Illustrator Clare Mallison

When things are slow or confidence is lacking don’t spend hours looking at other illustrator’s blogs and twitter feeds feeling depressed wishing you were them! Stay true to yourself and what comes naturally to you.  Go draw and get your own ideas flowing. Clare Mallison 2012 Illustrator  Studied: Illustration and Animation BA at Kingston University […]

WOW – Illustrator Kate Evans
WOW - Illustrator Kate Evans

Persevere and be patient. Some of the most successful artists and illustrators I know now are the ones who didn’t give up in the first couple of years after graduating. It can take a while to build a name for yourself but if you really want to do it you’ve got to be tenacious. Kate […]

WOW – Josie Sullens of The Enquiry Desk
WOW - Josie Sullens of The Enquiry Desk

The gift is knowing when your work is finished. Josie Sullens aka Josie Jo, 2012 Josie Sullens aka Josie Jo, Co-Founder of The Enquiry Desk and Illustrator  Studied: BA Illustration and Animation at Kingston University Since graduating in 2003 Josie has worked as an Agent for Folio and also as Freelance Illustrator Josie Jo. Josie […]

WOW – Illustrator Lisa Evans
WOW - Illustrator Lisa Evans

Be curious and seek novelty. Creativity thrives when we make connections between dissimilar domains. Go to a talk on maths or the brain (or whatever you find unfamiliar and interesting). Explore unknown territories and you’ll stimulate new perspectives and ideas, which will massively enrich your art. Lisa Evans aka Firefluff, 2012 Illustrator,  2012 Studied: BA Illustration at UWE […]

WOW – Illustrator Lucie Sheridan
WOW - Illustrator Lucie Sheridan

When pricing a job the first thing to do is ask the client “What’s your budget?” Lucie Sheridan, 2012 Illustrator, SNAP 2012 Studied: BA Illustration at UWE Bristol Lucie Sheridan is an illustrator and screen printer. Her work is instinctive and simple with a lateral approach. Alongside marketing her prints and cards throughout the UK, […]

WOW – Jon Burgerman
WOW - Jon Burgerman

Half of working is about not working, or at least working in different ways – don’t forget to go outside, talk to people, look at things, read books and get away from the computer. Jon Burgerman 2012 Artist for 10 years full-ish time Studied: Fine Art [BA] Honours at Nottingham Trent University, 2001 Check out […]

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