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WOW – Illustrator & Printmaker Sarah Ray
WOW - Illustrator & Printmaker Sarah Ray

Don’t be intimidated, focus on your work and what you want to do with it.  Be yourself in your art, it won’t work any other way! Sarah Ray Illustrator & Printmaker Studied: BA Illustration, Cambridge School of Art Sarah Ray is originally from the depths of Herefordshire, where growing up, she and her sisters would […]

Quickfire Q&A 2nd May 2013
Quickfire Q&A 2nd May 2013

The Enquiry Desk will be hosting a Quickfire Q&A session with artists and collaborators of a new exhibition entitled ThreeD.  The exhibition – part of Brighton Fringe Festival – showcases 3-dimensional work created by leading illustrators Graham Carter, Helen Musselwhite and Tom Frost. All three who have found success both as exhibiting artists and commercial illustrators. […]

WOW – Alice Carter Owner of Boxbird Gallery
WOW - Alice Carter Owner of Boxbird Gallery

Don’t give up if a gallery says no to your work, what’s not right for one is perfect for another. Alice Carter 2012 Boxbird Gallery Owner Studied: Film BA Hons, University of Wales Alice Carter never set out to open an art gallery, but some how after completing a film degree, running a film studio, […]

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