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WOW – Illustrator and Printmaker Polly Dunbar
WOW - Illustrator and Printmaker Polly Dunbar

KEEP PLAYING! When drawing becomes your ‘proper job’ it’s easy to forget to make work just for fun. New ideas can grow from experimenting, I find nothing is ever wasted. Polly Dunbar 2014 Illustrator and Printmaker Studied: Illustration BA at Brighton University  Polly Dunbar studied Illustration at Brighton University, since graduating she has written and […]

WOW – Freelance Illustrative Designer Steve Simpson
WOW - Freelance Illustrative Designer Steve Simpson

Albert Einstein once said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. It’s from our mistakes that we find new ways of approaching problems, the real talent is recognising we are making mistakes and learning from them. I’ve always been the type of person who is constantly questioning, experimenting and tweaking […]

WOW – Illustrator David Biskup
WOW - Illustrator David Biskup

Get into a good working routine and try to stick to it as far as possible, even when you don’t have any jobs on. By producing work when you’re not having to adhere to deadlines, briefs and clients’ wishes, you give yourself and your work space to develop and grow. David Biskup, 2013 Illustrator Studied: […]

WOW – Illustrator & Printmaker Sarah Ray
WOW - Illustrator & Printmaker Sarah Ray

Don’t be intimidated, focus on your work and what you want to do with it.  Be yourself in your art, it won’t work any other way! Sarah Ray Illustrator & Printmaker Studied: BA Illustration, Cambridge School of Art Sarah Ray is originally from the depths of Herefordshire, where growing up, she and her sisters would […]

WOW – Illustrator and Potter Scott Garrett
WOW - Illustrator and Potter Scott Garrett

KEEP GOING. If you believe you can do it, you eventually will. Persistence is a key part of being an illustrator. Scott Garrett Illustrator and Potter Studied: Illustration BA at Kingston University Scott has worked non-stop as a freelance illustrator since he graduated 19 years ago, working with a wide variety of clients over this […]

WOW – Illustrator Bjorn Lie
WOW - Illustrator Bjorn Lie

You’re probably doing this anyway, but it really is important to find the time to do your own work. Without deadlines, art direction, context or purpose.  Turn off your email. Work with your hands. Experiment with processes.  Don’t worry what anybody else thinks about it. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to tweet about it. […]

WOW – Advertising Art Director Tony Clements
WOW - Advertising Art Director Tony Clements

Be yourself, be original, be different, be nice. When commissioning imagery for advertising I normally have a very strong idea of the sort of image that’s needed, that’s why it’s best to develop your own style and be unique. Also get with a good agent, as time is always an issue I would always search […]

WOW – Alice Carter Owner of Boxbird Gallery
WOW - Alice Carter Owner of Boxbird Gallery

Don’t give up if a gallery says no to your work, what’s not right for one is perfect for another. Alice Carter 2012 Boxbird Gallery Owner Studied: Film BA Hons, University of Wales Alice Carter never set out to open an art gallery, but some how after completing a film degree, running a film studio, […]

WOW – Paul Crowley of Demographik
WOW - Paul Crowley of Demographik

Carry headphones. Befriend cleaners. Paul Crowley, 2012 Creative Director, Demographik  Studied: BA Graphic Design at Barnet/Middlesex University Paul is a long time ‘creative’ who started working in the design industry twenty years ago, when the Mac IIFX was still an expensive dream, Letraset was reality, and the Quantel Paintbox was the hippest kid on the […]

WOW – Illustrator Lisa Evans
WOW - Illustrator Lisa Evans

Be curious and seek novelty. Creativity thrives when we make connections between dissimilar domains. Go to a talk on maths or the brain (or whatever you find unfamiliar and interesting). Explore unknown territories and you’ll stimulate new perspectives and ideas, which will massively enrich your art. Lisa Evans aka Firefluff, 2012 Illustrator,  2012 Studied: BA Illustration at UWE […]

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