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Project WOW will be back in 2015 while our team concentrate on other creative projects.  In the meantime you can still read all the WOWs so far right here.  Feel free to also check out our founders’ new work and websites too: Josie Swan and Zara Wood.

WOW – Illustrator Caroline Rose Dunning
WOW - Illustrator Caroline Rose Dunning

As a graduate enter as many competitions and exhibitions as you can. Get your work seen!   Caroline Rose Dunning 2014 Illustrator and Printmaker Studied: Graphic Communication BA at Bath Spa Since graduating Caroline has worked with a variety of clients from publishing and press.  She has exhibited in several galleries across the UK and […]

WOW – Illustrator and Printmaker Polly Dunbar
WOW - Illustrator and Printmaker Polly Dunbar

KEEP PLAYING! When drawing becomes your ‘proper job’ it’s easy to forget to make work just for fun. New ideas can grow from experimenting, I find nothing is ever wasted. Polly Dunbar 2014 Illustrator and Printmaker Studied: Illustration BA at Brighton University  Polly Dunbar studied Illustration at Brighton University, since graduating she has written and […]

WOW – Freelance Illustrative Designer Steve Simpson
WOW - Freelance Illustrative Designer Steve Simpson

Albert Einstein once said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. It’s from our mistakes that we find new ways of approaching problems, the real talent is recognising we are making mistakes and learning from them. I’ve always been the type of person who is constantly questioning, experimenting and tweaking […]

WOW – Illustrator Andrew Lyons
WOW - Illustrator Andrew Lyons

Fake it ’til you make it, is the best advice I’ve heard for aspiring illustrators. Act like a pro by keeping regular hours and filling your portfolio with as many subjects as possible. Draw everything! Also, learn from other illustrators by looking at their portfolios, look at how they solve problems and how they present […]

WOW – Illustrator Nila Aye
WOW - Illustrator Nila Aye

1. Be young at heart, see the world through the eyes of a child, and look at things as if for the first time. You’ll be amazed how wonderful everything is. 2. Be friendly, charming and memorable 3. Always hand work in on time! Nila Aye, 2013 Illustrator Studied: Graphic design and Illustration BA Central […]

WOW – Illustrator Ping Zhu
WOW - Illustrator Ping Zhu

Honour your mistakes: learn from them instead of destroying the evidence. If you don’t have anything to compare your growth to, you’ll never know how far you’ve come. There’s no use in being selfish or cruel – the world is small and this industry is even smaller. Be sincere, care deeply and don’t work in […]

WOW – Illustrator David Biskup
WOW - Illustrator David Biskup

Get into a good working routine and try to stick to it as far as possible, even when you don’t have any jobs on. By producing work when you’re not having to adhere to deadlines, briefs and clients’ wishes, you give yourself and your work space to develop and grow. David Biskup, 2013 Illustrator Studied: […]

Portfolio Reviews Brighton Sat 25th May
Portfolio Reviews Brighton Sat 25th May

Saturday 25th May – 30 Minute Reviews  £35.00 The Enquiry Desk will also be setting up office at Boxbird Gallery on 25th May – offering confidential portfolio reviews for illustrators (at all stages of their career) looking for constructive feedback and professional advice.  Each review lasts 30 minutes with The Enquiry Desk head advisors Josie Sullens and Zara Wood. […]

WOW – Illustrator Holly Wales
WOW - Illustrator Holly Wales

Life is short. The art is long. Don’t demand results of any kind too quickly. Holly Wales, 2013 Illustrator Studied: BA Graphic Design, Southampton Solent University, Southampton UK Holly Wales is an illustrator based in London, UK. Her work explores a variety of subject matter and is predominantly drawing-based. She works with multiple layers of […]

WOW – Illustrator Bjorn Lie
WOW - Illustrator Bjorn Lie

You’re probably doing this anyway, but it really is important to find the time to do your own work. Without deadlines, art direction, context or purpose.  Turn off your email. Work with your hands. Experiment with processes.  Don’t worry what anybody else thinks about it. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to tweet about it. […]

WOW – Artist & Illustrator Leif Low-beer Parsons
WOW - Artist & Illustrator Leif Low-beer Parsons

Just do it, choose something that seems interesting and fun and get on it… Once you get that down then follow up with: If there were no rules or compromises what is the very best possible thing I can make / do? (then go back to step one, etc…)  Leif Low-beer Parsons, 2013 Artist and […]

WOW – Studio Peskimo
WOW - Studio Peskimo

Create what you enjoy If you’re stuck for ideas, walk it out. Fresh air can do wonders, we go out for a walk around Bristol harbour and brainstorm as we go, it never fails! Jodie and David of Peskimo, 2013 Illustrators Peskimo is Jodie and David and they live in sunny Bristol in the south […]

WOW – Artist & Designer Kyle Bean
WOW - Artist & Designer Kyle Bean

Stay curious! Kyle Bean, 2013 Artist and Designer Kyle Bean is an Artist and Designer from Brighton specialising in hand made models, sets and tactile illustrations. Since graduating from a degree in Illustration from the University of Brighton in 2009 he has worked for a diverse range of clients on various projects. Kyle has created […]

WOW – Supermundane
WOW - Supermundane

Never underestimate the power of the obvious. Not what is expected, but the things people trample past to get to obscurity. Sometimes the best ideas are staring you in the face!  Supermundane (Rob Lowe) Artist, designer, illustrator, typographer and writer. Studied: HND Graphic Communication Cleveland College of Art Supermundane is Rob Lowe, born in the […]

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