WOW – The Panel of The Enquiry Desk In Session

Approach self-promotion and getting your name out there as a creative project in itself.

Be confident with your ideas.

Remember to document and show your work in context.

Don’t confuse an agent or a client. If you work in a variety of different styles, separate your work in to different portfolios, each with a coherent voice.

Develop a unique voice within your work and have courage to make it heard.

It’s important to see your work in different contexts.

Don’t be tempted to slap your illustration on every product going. Design work for specific products.  

Just do what you love doing.

Advice from The Panel of The Enquiry Desk in Session event at Pick Me Up Somerset House 2012 

The Enquiry Desk | Guest Industry Professionals

With thanks to the expert guest panelists: Greg Burne (Big Active), Sean Garrehy (Little,Brown Publishing), David Frost (All City Media), Mills + Sinx (UsTwo), Donna Payne (Faber&Faber), Matt Blease (Liberty), Chris Shamwana (Ghost Design), Si Scott (Illustrator), Fraser Lyness (The Times), Chris Clarke (The Times), Charlotte Henson (ASOS), Sarah Thomson (Fallon), Tom Meredith (Elle)

Pictured above: Charlotte Henson, Fraser Lyness, Chris Clarke, Josie Sullens, Zara Wood

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