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In the sea of illustrators, you need to have a distinct recognisable style so that clients remember you clearly when they think of who’s work is right for a particular job. But what if you just can’t narrow down a style? Don’t be afraid to have a couple of different guises! It’s important to keep them separate though, so create a different moniker and website for each. You can happily work a commercial style alongside a more niche one giving you a chance to stretch your creative legs, but at the same time land safer big-money contracts.

La Shuks (Katie Mac) 2014

Illustrator and Printmaker

Studied: Graphic Design BA at Luton University

After graduating, Katie Mac went traveling for 3 years, deciding while on the move to switch to freelance illustration in order to fund more travelling. Since then Katie has worked as an illustrator for publishing, editorial and advertising clients for 15 years.  In 2009 Katie started up “PopCorny”, an outlet to create a completely different style of own work,  and produced many series of limited edition screen prints. In 2013, she launched “La Shuks”, an even bigger series of screen printed art pieces, which blend photography and travel-inspired vector graphics.

Check out La Shuks’ amazing work here:

 See PopCorny’s amazing work here:

Hear more from La Shuks (Katie Mac) here: @la_shuks

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