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Internships, internships, internships. They are the best way to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Although your investment is big (low or no salary and no time for a job that does pay), doing an internship is an invaluable working experience and a boost to your professional career, regardless if you’re aspiring to go freelance or are looking for a job at a firm.

Wijtze Valkema 2014

Designer and Illustrator

Studied: Graphic Design at Deltion College, the Netherlands

Due to the lack of salary, the best moment for internships is limited to your college years and shortly after. Most college programs include one or two internship programs. I was lucky enough to do four internships, two at local companies during my graphic design education and two internships in the US after I graduated. I was paid a small salary fortunately, but overall it cost me a lot of money. Still, it’s been the single most valuable investment I’ve ever done professionally. In working for four companies in under four years, I learned various work processes, how to apply designing skills, got to see what working with clients was like, picked up useful tricks for project management and learned to understand briefs, client contact and getting work done. Of course, there’s also the endless scanning and printing and getting coffee and taking out the trash but that really is a small price to pay for such a valuable working experience.

 Wijtze Valkema is an illustrator / designer living in the city of Meppel in the Netherlands. His working days are spent in front of a magical designing machine, switching the gears and hitting the buttons until the image that he has in mind shows up on the screen. His style can be described as graphic shape-based, mid-century inspired illustrations that try to capture the fun and boundaries of the screen printing process and translate it to other media. He spent one year in Seattle, USA for a design internship after graduating college in 2005. After his time in the US, he worked in a graphic design collective with two friends in the Netherlands. In 2013 he left the collective to pursue illustration work with his home studio Bamse Ontwerpt. He currently has no internship vacancy.

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