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Build strong relationships with other like-minded people…be it other illustrators, designers, animators, developers, printers, editors, etc. Work and learn from each other. Viewing things from another persons perspective and seeing how others tackle problems can be very inspiring and informative. Help and support others, and they will repay you when you need it most.

Stephen Chan

Illustrator & Designer 

Studied: Product Design, Liverpool John Moores University 

Stephen only started developing his illustration style after finishing his degree. He is mainly self taught, “I like to experiment and try to push my illustration style in to new areas and disciplines.” He says, “It’s mostly character and narrative driven, and often involve isometric landscapes and scenery.” 

Over the past few years, Stephen has been working as a Freelance Illustrator / Graphic Designer with clients such as, BBC, Esquire Magazine US, Facebook, Fortune Magazine, McDonalds, Penguin Books, Tiger Beer. 

He is one of the founding members of design portal Thunder Chunky  – specialising in showcasing new and innovate work by a variety of international artists, covering news from the design world.

Stephen is also a Tiger AKA (Asian Kinetic Artist), part of the International Tiger Beer / Tiger Translate project; an Artist at Blood Sweat Vectors; a renowned vector artist with the likes of 123 Klan, J3 Concepts and Niark1; a part of the Illustrators collective / groups The Mighty Pencil; the Designers of Asia collective
(made up of rising stars from Asian illustration); and last but not least Brothers of the Stripe.

His works have been in several magazines and books, exhibited nationally and internationally, in London, Berlin, Boston, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tokyo, Manila, Melbourne and several other cities. 

check out Stephen’s amazing work here:

And here:

Hear more from Stephen here: @Stephen_Chan 

Check out more Words of Wisdom here 

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