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What projects would you like to do in the future? What would you like to achieve? Doing the cover of your favourite band’s new album? Publishing your own book? Running your own design studio? Launching your own magazine? Whatever they may be, use your ideals to add some structure to your work practice now. Start with your end goal and work backwards to the present day; setting out different options and plans to direct you and your current work.

The Enquiry Desk Team, 2014

The online WOW project stands for Words of Wisdom and is updated every Wednesday.
Expect inspiring advice and comforting truths from the crew at The Enquiry Desk and our amazing contributors – a healthy mix of emerging talent and creative legends.

More about ‘Backcasting’ and further reading:  Backcasting is a term first coined by J. Robinson in 1982 as a proposed method in the field of energy sustainability. The subject of futures studies across general planning within businesses and communities is also explored in Ziauddin Sardar’s The Future – All That Matters.  

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