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An illustration career is a two sided coin: Heads (maybe) is the creative work, the dedicated application and exploration, the side you’re most proud of.  The Tails are the less glamorous side, the understanding of the business element of your chosen career and the appreciation that you are part of a bigger picture, a picture that needs to be nurtured, respected and supported to keep growing.  

Everything that feeds your illustration growth is important.  Don’t starve it!

Derek Brazell, 2014

Writer, illustrator, AOI Project Manager

Studied: Graphic Design, Middlesex Polytechnic (university now…)

As a practitioner, writer and advisor, Derek has been involved in the illustration world for many years.  His books with co-author Jo Davies examining illustration are Understanding Illustration (A&C Black, 2014), Becoming A successful Illustrator (Bloomsbury, 2013), and Making Great Illustration (A&C Black, 2011).
He is also known for illustrating several successful of children’s books, including Cleversticks for Harper Collins, in print since 1992,
and Lima’s Red Hot Chilli, another long term success, for Mantra.

He delivers lectures on careers and ethical issues in illustration for universities and at illustration events and has been closely involved in the international
VaroomLab peer review network through his role of Varoom magazine publisher at the Association of Illustrators.

Derek has closely supported illustrators in all areas of their careers, has spoken on illustrators rights at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and
campaigned for creators rights through his work with the Pro-Action visual artists group and the European Illustrators Forum.
He was Director for Visual Arts on the British Copyright Council Board for three years.

More on Derek here: and here: AOI Portfolio

Want to hear more from Derek Brazell? Follow him on Twitter here: @DerekBrazell

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