WOW – Jessie Ford of Sugar Snap Studio

WOW Jessie Ford of Sugar Snap Studio

Keep drawing! I’m as guilty as the next person for relying on my computer too much… I love the hand drawn line and need to remind myself of this!  Nothing beats it.

Jessie Ford of Sugar Snap Studio, 2014

Illustrator and Picture Book Creator 

Studied: Graphic Design (illustration) Bath Spa University College

Jessie studied for her BA In Bath, graduating in 2002, and has been illustrating ever since.  For many years she worked as an agent for The Central Illustration Agency, gathering experience of the industry and making invaluable contacts.  Sugar Snap Studio was set up in 2012, to house her ever expanding collection of illustrations for children.  To date, her work has included branding and packaging work for Mothercare, personalised suitcase designs for Samsonite, children’s books for Abrams Publishing USA, and murals for Sophie Dahl, to name a few.  She has exhibited widely, in New York, Milan, London, and is currently exhibiting in Japan.

Jessie has recently been shortlisted for the TFL/AOI Serco Prize for Illustration. The accompanying exhibition will be running from 14th February – 6th April 2014 at the London Transport Museum.  This year’s theme is London Stories and her entry recalls the occasion when a hapless whale took a paddle up the Thames.  Jessie’s colourful designs will be seen in the shops this Spring with the launch of Sugar Snap Studio’s new stationery line – a homeware and bed linen range also planned for next year!

Check out Jessie’s amazing work here:

Hear more from Jessie on here: @sugarsnapstudio

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