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Find your uniqueness by making work about the things that genuinely interest you, however off the wall they might seem. Andy Warhol had a tin of Campbells soup for lunch each day, years before he screenprinted them. Find your own Campbells soup equivalent, and allow yourself to get obsessed. Push that thing further than anyone else would dare.

Peter James Field, 2013

Illustrator and fine artist

Studied: BA History of Art and Architecture, UEA UK & BA Illustration, Brighton UK

Peter James Fields professional clients include Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Independent, The Financial Times, Wallpaper Magazine, The Times, Vanity Fair, Pentagram, Dazed and Confused, Wired, Elle Decoration, Conde Nast and Penguin Books. Peter was featured in the Guardian Guide to Drawing, and presents a series of short films on ‘How to Draw’ for BBC Bitesize.

For almost ten years Peter has been working on a personal visual diary project. He updates it monthly on his website here, and will publish it in a 250 page book next year.

Check out hello Peter James Field’s amazing work here:

see more of his personal visual diary book here:

You can buy his work here: 

Peter James Field is represented by :

Hear more from Peter James Field on Twitter: @PeterJamesField

You can see more twitter feeds about Peters book here: @PJFDiaryBook

See his blog here:

See Peter James Fields Blogpost about first year in professional practice:   

Check out more Words of Wisdom  here




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