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Tristan Manco

It’s an old chestnut but something you discover to be true. Your reputation is everything – positive relationships will get you through decades of your career. All the people you meet along the way will one day be working with you – so be nice!

Tristan Manco, 2013

Art director and author

Studied: Visual Communication, University of Wolverhampton

Tristan Manco is an art director and author with 18 years of experience within the creative industries working with high profile arts and music clients.
Following a winding path Tristan has designed for numerous music labels, arts festivals and institutions such as the BBC. This artistic journey has included creating club visuals, digital illustrations and award-winning animations. High profile projects included direct responsibility for the iconic Blur ‘Think Tank’ album artwork, multimedia projects for musician Peter Gabriel and animations for author of “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, Douglas Adams.  Since 2002 he has become best known as an author of various art and design-based books with publishers Thames and Hudson, starting with Stencil Graffiti (2002) and followed by Street Logos (2004), Graffiti Brasil’ (2005), Street Sketchbook (2007), Street Sketchbook: Journeys (2010). These books focused on the emerging artistic and design talent coming from the world of street art and graffiti around the world. Most recently he has been focusing on the world of contemporary art with his last published book Raw + Materials
= Art: Found, Scavenged and Upcycled (2012) which looks at the use of materiality in general terms across all art practices from illustration to Fine Art. The books became a natural springboard to work more closely with artists and directly led to being appointed a part-time role as art director and artist liason for London-based Pictures on Walls silkscreen print publisher and gallery space from 2007 until 2011. Pictures on Walls is known for publishing the work of cult British art prankster Banksy and has also produced prints with well known artists and illustrators such as Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz), Modern Toss, Mode2, Antony Micallef and Paul Insect. Today his focus is increasingly on art direction, sourcing and working closely with International contemporary artists to develop their ideas and liaise with clients such as Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant company, a distinctly ‘cool brand’ who have commissioned him to curate the installation of artworks in each of their new sites. He is currently working on a book about scale in art for Thames and Hudson due to be published in 2014.

See Tristan’s amazing work here:

Hear more from Tristan here: @TristanManco

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