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Feel the fear and do it anyway

Jo Davies, 2013

Writer, Curator, Illustrator & Part -Time Associate Professor in Illustration at Plymouth University

Studied BA Graphic Design(Illustration) at Maidstone College of Art and MA Illustration at Kingston University

My career is a shifting sand of teaching, writing and illustrating. I’ve just changed the mix to expand my own art practice. Over the past 8 years I’ve focussed, with Derek Brazell, projects manager from the AOI, on research and writing about the profession. We hope that our books “Making Great Illustration”, “Becoming a Successful Illustrator” and soon to be published “Understanding Illustration” (all Bloomsbury) along with Varoom magazine, that we co-founded, will contribute to the raising of the profile of the subject and enforce its cultural value.

I’ve juggled fractional work in education with writing and freelance illustration for over 20 years working with great clients in publishing, design and editorially. During this time I’ve witnessed huge changes to the industry both through my own work and contact with some of the world’s most successful illustrators.

The key to success is being open to new opportunities, abandoning labels and pre-conceptions and not being afraid to fail.
Being an illustration genius is not enough – having an enterprising attitude and business savvy is vital.

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