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Just do it, choose something that seems interesting and fun and get on it…

Once you get that down then follow up with:

If there were no rules or compromises what is the very best possible thing I can make / do?

(then go back to step one, etc…)

 Leif Low-beer Parsons, 2013

Artist and Illustrator

Studied philosophy in Canada and later Graphic design in NYC

Leif has been working for 10 years or so as a freelance illustrator and artist

 Leif Low-beer Parsons currently lives in Brooklyn and is working as an illustrator and artist. His sculptures, drawings, and installations have been shown in various galleries across the United States. He has simultaneously been working as a illustrator with clients including New York Times, Harper’s, the New Yorker, the Atlantic Monthly, the Walrus, McSweeney’s and Nike among others. Leif has recently been focused on trying to find the line between looseness and tightness, between deliberate idea and spontaneous expression, between observation and imagination. He is also curious how many times he can draw himself naked and get it published in the New York Times (3 so far).

 See Leif’s amazing work at: for illustration for artworks

Hear more from Leif on twitter

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