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If you’re stuck for ideas, walk it out. Fresh air can do wonders, we go out for a walk around Bristol harbour and brainstorm as we go, it never fails!

Jodie and David of Peskimo, 2013


Peskimo is Jodie and David and they live in sunny Bristol in the south west of England. Since meeting at university in Leeds, Jodie and David saw eye to eye on robots, kittens and evil monkeys. Their illustrations combine curious details and streamlined design with a generous pinch of nostalgia to create art that has won admirers far and wide. They find inspiration in cartoons, vintage graphic design and overhearing people in the post office queue.

They began to work under the name of Peskimo in 2004, and together they have crafted a vast array of characters and creations that have appeared on Tshirts, magazines, newspapers, billboards and nightclub walls. Peskimo set up a home screenprint studio in 2010 and have since created a multitude of prints and products and enjoy working and exploring the medium.

The pair has worked with a wide variety of clients including Sony, Barclays, BBC and Vodafone and has appeared in publications such as Monocle and The Guardian. They hope one day to have their own ice cream van.

See Peskimo’s amazing work here:

See Peskimo’s prints here:

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