12 WOWs from 2012

The Enquiry Desk would like to thank all those who imparted their wisdom in 2012.  Look out for more WOWs starting in January 2013. For now, here’s a selection from this year’s Words of Wisdom:

Be the black sheep! Don’t take roads already taken, make your own paths. 

Nicholas Dawe 2012
Founder and Agent, Folio Illustration Agency


When pricing a job the first thing to do is ask the client “What’s your budget?”

Lucie Sheridan 2012


Do more personal work

Mark Swan of Kid-ethic Studio 2012


Half of working is about not working

Jon Burgerman 2012


Don’t spend hours looking at other illustrator’s blogs and twitter feeds feeling depressed wishing you were them

Clare Mallison 2012


Don’t give up if a gallery says no to your work, what’s not right for one is perfect for another

Alice Carter 2012
Boxbird Gallery Owner


Remember to document and show your work in context

Advice from The Panel of The Enquiry Desk in Session event at Pick Me Up Somerset House 2012
The Enquiry Desk | Guest Industry Professionals


Never miss a deadline

Jenny Bowers 2012
Illustrator and member of Peepshow collective


“Don’t rest on your laurels” 

Helen Musselwhite 2012
Paper Illustrator and Artist


Illustration is a mobile job, so get out of the office and go somewhere new and interesting.

Illustrator Owen Davey 2012


Fight for your copyright! 

Sam Chivers 2012
Artist and Illustrator


Take a fresh look at your portfolio and clear out the dead wood

The Enquiry Desk Team 2012

Check out all of 2012’s Words of Wisdom in full here



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