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The more you create the stronger you become – trial many products at the start, this does need an injection of capital but that way you will amass a credible portfolio, you will assess which are your strengths and which appeal to the buying public.

Do not follow the herd, take and make your own path which in turn can create distinction and uniqueness.

Graphic Artist Paul Farrell 2012

Studied: BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Middlesex

The work of the Bristol based artist and illustrator Paul Farrell has been inspired by his love of nature and interest in the graphic arts.

Paul’s design background is evident in his bold and colourful graphic style and flora and fauna are the focus of his work.  To illustrate an object clearly and simply is always a relished challenge, be it the striking silhouette of a dead tree or the markings of a bird’s plumage, he attempts capture its form and natural beauty.  Colour is equally important and Paul devotes much of his time sourcing and creating interesting combinations as well as titling each image, which all help to evoke the beauty and character of each piece of work.

His collection of work continues to develop with private and public commissions.  He is represented at major art galleries and shops throughout the British Isles.
Recent highlights have included commissions with Heals, Ikea, Pedlars, and WWF.  Paul is currently expanding his portfolio of limited edition screen prints, greeting card ranges and designs for fabric.

Check out Paul’s amazing work here:

Want to hear more from Paul: @thepaulfarrell

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