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The life of an illustrator can sometimes get a little isolated and lonely, but there’s nothing in the job description that says you have to work alone on a desk in an office space. Sometimes, it’s great to get out of the house and work somewhere else. I’ve created work on holiday in Prague, I’ve researched images in cafés in the middle of nowhere and for 3 weeks I’m on tour with my friends’ amazing band, Tall Ships, working on the road.

I admit that it’s less productive, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun, and it can really inspire you. This week I’ve met some awesome people, completed two final images, traveled all over the country, updated my website, been given some delicious free cupcakes, worked on my new picture book, met many funny dogs, been offered a job by a new friend and slept in some very odd positions.

Illustration is a mobile job, so get out of the office and go somewhere new and interesting.

Illustrator Owen Davey 2012

Owen Davey is a Freelance Illustrator based in Brighton. His clients include Orange, BBC, Microsoft, Persil, The Guardian, New York Times, Jamie Oliver, Templar Publishing, Scholastic, Candlewick Press, The Leisure Society and End Of The Road.

Owen has had work published in every continent (except Antartica), including books in the UK, America, China, France and Australia.

Check out Owen’s amazing work here:

Want to hear more from Owen: @OwenDaveyDraws

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