WOW – Illustrator Victoria Topping

 Get your self a studio space. When working from home there is a danger of becoming a hermit, having a studio space enables you to work along side other creative people that you can bounce ideas off. 

Victoria Topping 2012

Artist and Illustrator full time for 4 years

Studied: Illustration (BA) UWE Bristol

Creator of ‘Music for the eyes’ my work often focuses on musical themes, I splice my digital artwork with freehand drawing and painting as well as a passion for wallpaper designs, textiles and textures. Not wanting to limit myself to just being a illustrator I like to be able to take on any creative problem. I have worked in designing the identity of a independent record label, designed and made many bespoke wallpapers, hand painted murals, been a interior designer and designed and installed a record shop, club and the decor for festivals and with recent projects I am moving in to music videos and creating a series of works for solo and group exhibitions. 

Check out Victoria’s amazing work here: 

Want to hear more from Victoria? Then follow her on twitter: @victoriatopping 

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