Words of Wisdom
WOW – Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Print Maker Anthony Peters
WOW - Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Print Maker Anthony Peters

I would rather make bad work and learn from it than make safe work over and over again because it was successful in the past. To me, experimentation and mistakes are an important part of the creative process. Anthony Peters Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Print Maker Anthony Peters is a maker of things, occasionally pretty […]

WOW – Artist Clare Halifax
WOW - Artist Clare Halifax

Focus on the positives. The negatives were just challenges to overcome. Practical tip, never carry an unsheathed scalpel in your bag, it’s an A&E trip waiting to happen (I speak from experience).  Clare Halifax, 2013 Artist | Printmaker | Ceramicist  Studied: BA Printed Textile Design, Loughborough Clare graduated from the University of Loughborough in 2000 […]

WOW – Illustrator Holly Wales
WOW - Illustrator Holly Wales

Life is short. The art is long. Don’t demand results of any kind too quickly. Holly Wales, 2013 Illustrator Studied: BA Graphic Design, Southampton Solent University, Southampton UK Holly Wales is an illustrator based in London, UK. Her work explores a variety of subject matter and is predominantly drawing-based. She works with multiple layers of […]

WOW – Josie Sullens & Zara Wood
WOW - Josie Sullens & Zara Wood

Whatever stage you are at with your illustration career, continue to experiment and play. It will keep you and your work fresh and interesting. Josie Sullens and Zara Wood 2013 Illustrators and Founders of The Enquiry Desk Josie and Zara launched The Enquiry Desk in 2012 as a non-for-profit initiative to bring professional help to […]

WOW – Illustrator and Potter Scott Garrett
WOW - Illustrator and Potter Scott Garrett

KEEP GOING. If you believe you can do it, you eventually will. Persistence is a key part of being an illustrator. Scott Garrett Illustrator and Potter Studied: Illustration BA at Kingston University Scott has worked non-stop as a freelance illustrator since he graduated 19 years ago, working with a wide variety of clients over this […]

WOW – Illustrator & Printmaker Lorna Scobie
WOW - Illustrator & Printmaker Lorna Scobie

It doesn’t have to take 60 million years to create a killer piece of work. Lorna Scobie Illustrator and Printmaker Studied: BA Illustration and Animation at Kingston In 2012 Lorna was selected by ‘It’s Nice That’ as one of the top twelve design graduates in the country, and has since been illustrating freelance for a […]

WOW – Illustrator Bjorn Lie
WOW - Illustrator Bjorn Lie

You’re probably doing this anyway, but it really is important to find the time to do your own work. Without deadlines, art direction, context or purpose.  Turn off your email. Work with your hands. Experiment with processes.  Don’t worry what anybody else thinks about it. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to tweet about it. […]

WOW – Printmaker & Designer Jane Ormes
WOW - Printmaker & Designer Jane Ormes

Never keep glue in your handbag. Jane Ormes, 2013  Printmaker and Designer Studied: Surface Pattern Design at De Montfort University Jane has spent the last 26 years as a freelance designer. Her clients include Ikea, Marks and Spencer and ArtPress. She re-discovered screenprinting 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She has exhibited in many galleries […]

WOW – illustrator Josh Cochran
WOW - illustrator Josh Cochran

Always better to over work it, do too many pieces, show up too early, rip your paper because you drew too many lines, then to do anything halfway. Josh Cochran, 2013  Illustrator Studied: Art Center College of Design, Pasadena California Josh Cochran grew up in Taiwan and the United States. He has worked for many […]

WOW – Artist & Illustrator Leif Low-beer Parsons
WOW - Artist & Illustrator Leif Low-beer Parsons

Just do it, choose something that seems interesting and fun and get on it… Once you get that down then follow up with: If there were no rules or compromises what is the very best possible thing I can make / do? (then go back to step one, etc…)  Leif Low-beer Parsons, 2013 Artist and […]

WOW – Studio Peskimo
WOW - Studio Peskimo

Create what you enjoy If you’re stuck for ideas, walk it out. Fresh air can do wonders, we go out for a walk around Bristol harbour and brainstorm as we go, it never fails! Jodie and David of Peskimo, 2013 Illustrators Peskimo is Jodie and David and they live in sunny Bristol in the south […]

WOW – Artist & Designer Kyle Bean
WOW - Artist & Designer Kyle Bean

Stay curious! Kyle Bean, 2013 Artist and Designer Kyle Bean is an Artist and Designer from Brighton specialising in hand made models, sets and tactile illustrations. Since graduating from a degree in Illustration from the University of Brighton in 2009 he has worked for a diverse range of clients on various projects. Kyle has created […]

WOW – Graphic Artist Marion Deuchars
WOW - Graphic Artist Marion Deuchars

Remember to take time away from your desk or screen for R&D. It’s so easy to sit there and pretend you are working. New ideas come from experience; seeing an exhibition, taking a walk with your camera, doing something out of your comfort zone. Learn something new, no matter what it is, it will enhance […]

WOW – Illustrator Anthony Atkinson
WOW - Illustrator Anthony Atkinson

A piece of advice that I wish someone had told me when I started? I guess it would have to be to not think too much about your work – just get on and do it! Even now I waste way too much time thinking – I could be so much more productive! Anthony Atkinson, […]

WOW – Illustrator & Graphic Designer Adrian Johnson
WOW -  Illustrator & Graphic Designer Adrian Johnson

Ideas never go out of fashion. Style does. Adrian Johnson, 2013 Illustrator and graphic designer  Studied : Kingston University, graduating in 1997  Illustrating for 16 years.  Over the years, Liverpool born Adrian Johnson has developed a unique and strongly identifiable body of work. His trademark economical, highly crafted, graphic work is constantly evolving, whilst always […]

WOW – Art Director Sean Garrehy
WOW - Art Director Sean Garrehy

Work will be rejected; it happens, it hurts. If it didn’t, you’re in the wrong profession. Sean Garrehy Art Director Little, Brown Book Group  Sean studied Graphic Design in Southampton and worked for various agencies before falling in to cover design. He is the Art Director at Little, Brown Book Group where he’s worked for […]

WOW – Artist and Picture-Book Maker Oliver Jeffers
WOW - Artist and Picture-Book Maker Oliver Jeffers

Some days you achieve less than others. This is ok. Oliver Jeffers Artist & Picture-book maker Studied: Visual Communication, University of Ulster From figurative painting, collage and installation to illustration and picture-book making, Oliver Jeffers practice takes many forms.  His distinctive oil paintings have been exhibited in multiple cities, including the National Portrait Gallery in […]

WOW – Artist John Dilnot
WOW - Artist John Dilnot

If you are wondering how to do something, get on and do it and then wonder how you did it. I remembered being told this while I was at infants school. Soon after that I remember sliding down the steep playground on a patch of ice and banging my head on the flint wall at […]

WOW – Supermundane
WOW - Supermundane

Never underestimate the power of the obvious. Not what is expected, but the things people trample past to get to obscurity. Sometimes the best ideas are staring you in the face!  Supermundane (Rob Lowe) Artist, designer, illustrator, typographer and writer. Studied: HND Graphic Communication Cleveland College of Art Supermundane is Rob Lowe, born in the […]

WOW – Studio Owner Anders Arhoj
WOW - Studio Owner Anders Arhoj

It’s kind of self evident. But don’t read too many design blogs. They will give you bad self esteem. Go to a museum instead and take fresh inspiration from the abundance of history. That way you’re more likely to discover something original, and it will bring excitement into your work instead of looking over other […]

12 WOWs from 2012
12 WOWs from 2012

The Enquiry Desk would like to thank all those who imparted their wisdom in 2012.  Look out for more WOWs starting in January 2013. For now, here’s a selection from this year’s Words of Wisdom: Be the black sheep! Don’t take roads already taken, make your own paths.  Nicholas Dawe 2012 Founder and Agent, Folio […]

WOW – illustrator Shaun Gordon
WOW - illustrator Shaun Gordon

Draw whatever you want to draw.  If you style it out in your own way then you’ll be much happier with what you’ve done, and people will definitely dig it more.  Go weird if that’s what you want to do. Shaun Gordon 2012 Freelance Illustrator and Design-type-person for 6 years Studied Graphic Design (BA) Honours […]

WOW – Illustrator Tom Frost
WOW - Illustrator Tom Frost

Make sure you leave the house/studio during the day. Take yourself off to a cafe or a park. Go for a ramble in the woods. There is nothing worse than having a full day working and finding the front door still locked in the evening! Tom Frost 2012 Illustrator   Tom Frost studied illustration at […]

WOW – Artist and Illustrator Sam Chivers
WOW - Artist and Illustrator Sam Chivers

Fight for your copyright! There are no real unions for creatives so if you’re not happy with a contract, contest it. These things are often negotiable. Sam Chivers Artist & Illustrator since 1998 Studied: BA Illustration at Portsmouth University Sam Chivers is a UK based Illustrator and print maker. Working with both digital and handmade […]

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