Words of Wisdom
WOW – Designer & Founder of Lewie Evans Design
WOW - Designer & Founder of Lewie Evans Design

Be confident (not to be confused with arrogant or egotistical). If you truly believe in your ideas and yourself, your clients and others will too. Lewie Evans, 2013 Designer & Founder — Lewie Evans Design Studio Studied: BA Hons Graphic Design at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, Epsom Since graduating from The Surrey […]

WOW – Illustrator & Fine Artist Peter James Field
WOW - Illustrator & Fine Artist Peter James Field

Find your uniqueness by making work about the things that genuinely interest you, however off the wall they might seem. Andy Warhol had a tin of Campbells soup for lunch each day, years before he screenprinted them. Find your own Campbells soup equivalent, and allow yourself to get obsessed. Push that thing further than anyone […]

WOW – The Enquiry Desk Team
WOW - The Enquiry Desk Team

Don’t be scared of pricing.  Your creative skills are a commodity, so value them. The Enquiry Desk Team 2013  For help getting to grips with pricing a job and working out a daily rate check out these publications and organisations: an – artist’s fees toolkit calculator: www.a-n.co.uk The AOI – members dedicated pricing support via email […]

WOW – Graphic Designers & Printmakers hello DODO
WOW - Graphic Designers & Printmakers hello DODO

 Have BIG plans and HUGE goals but don’t try to reach them all in one step. Ambition is a must but if you try to achieve everything all at once then you’ll completely freak out and end up overwhelmed. Try to write achievable to do lists and you’ll get things done, make progress and feel […]

WOW – Illustrator Nila Aye
WOW - Illustrator Nila Aye

1. Be young at heart, see the world through the eyes of a child, and look at things as if for the first time. You’ll be amazed how wonderful everything is. 2. Be friendly, charming and memorable 3. Always hand work in on time! Nila Aye, 2013 Illustrator Studied: Graphic design and Illustration BA Central […]

WOW – Artist & Illustrator Joanne Young
WOW - Artist & Illustrator Joanne Young

Don’t try to create a ‘style’.  Practice, experiment and be honest with the work you create. Joanne Young, 2013 Artist & Illustrator Studied BA (Hons) Illustration at the Norwich University of the Arts and recently completed an MA in Children’s Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art Specialising in editorial and narrative illustration, my […]

WOW – The Dark Inker
WOW - The Dark Inker

Work hard, follow your heart and passions, never miss a deadline and be ready to make the most of the luck when it comes your way! The Dark Inker, 2013 Artist & Illustrator Did one year foundation course at Chelsea school of art, then dropped out to become a sheet metal worker, before following my heart […]

WOW – Illustrator Karolin Schnoor
WOW - Illustrator Karolin Schnoor

If you work as much as you can and try different types of projects you’ll soon see what you’re good at and where it can take you. And don’t look at other people’s work too much! Karolin Schnoor, 2013 Illustrator Karolin Schnoor graduated from the Illustration course at the London College of Communications five years […]

WOW – Art Director & Author Tristan Manco
WOW - Art Director & Author Tristan Manco

It’s an old chestnut but something you discover to be true. Your reputation is everything – positive relationships will get you through decades of your career. All the people you meet along the way will one day be working with you – so be nice! Tristan Manco, 2013 Art director and author Studied: Visual Communication, […]

WOW – Manuel Griñón Montes
WOW - Manuel Griñón Montes

Listen to a nice record, enjoy the sunshine after a rainy day, jump waves and take a walk through the countryside. Draw, paint, design, play, build, collaborate with other people and learn from your surroundings. Have fun and never let money make you forget your passions. Manuel Griñón Montes, 2013 Illustrator, Designer, Visual Artist and […]

WOW – on the street
WOW - on the street

look out for inspiration – it’s everywhere   The Enquiry Desk Crew, 2013 (currently sketching a warrior, clad in intricate armoury, called Pam) The online WOW project stands for Words of Wisdom and is updated every Wednesday. Expect inspiring advice and comforting truths from the crew at The Enquiry Desk and our amazing contributors – […]

WOW – Charlie Hood of Beach London
WOW - Charlie Hood of Beach London

Keep everything and everyone that might come in useful ever safe. No matter how big or small. On Google Drive. Charlie Hood of Beach London, 2013 I co-run Beach London, a gallery and creative agency in Shoreditch. We’ve worked with some of the World’s most exciting illustrators and designers over the past two years. We […]

WOW – Illustrator Jakob Hinrichs
WOW - Illustrator Jakob Hinrichs

Style is not what makes your art unique, it’s your content, your ideas and artistic cosmos. Nuture it. Do personal work. Share with other people. Don’t bend. Enjoy life. Jakob Hinrichs, 2013 Illustrator Studied: Visual Communications BA , University of Arts Berlin Jakob Hinrichs studied Visual Communication at the University of Arts Berlin, where he […]

WOW – Illustrator Ping Zhu
WOW - Illustrator Ping Zhu

Honour your mistakes: learn from them instead of destroying the evidence. If you don’t have anything to compare your growth to, you’ll never know how far you’ve come. There’s no use in being selfish or cruel – the world is small and this industry is even smaller. Be sincere, care deeply and don’t work in […]

WOW – Illustrator David Biskup
WOW - Illustrator David Biskup

Get into a good working routine and try to stick to it as far as possible, even when you don’t have any jobs on. By producing work when you’re not having to adhere to deadlines, briefs and clients’ wishes, you give yourself and your work space to develop and grow. David Biskup, 2013 Illustrator Studied: […]

WOW – Illustrator & Musician Nick Radford
WOW - Illustrator & Musician Nick Radford

 Incorporate what you are passionate about into your work. It’s always good to approach potential clients if you like what they are doing with their business – chances are they will like what you do too. Always experiment with your medium to keep things fresh and original (don’t get stuck in a rut with what […]

WOW – Writer, Curator, Illustrator Jo Davies
WOW - Writer, Curator, Illustrator Jo Davies

Feel the fear and do it anyway Jo Davies, 2013 Writer, Curator, Illustrator & Part -Time Associate Professor in Illustration at Plymouth University Studied BA Graphic Design(Illustration) at Maidstone College of Art and MA Illustration at Kingston University My career is a shifting sand of teaching, writing and illustrating. I’ve just changed the mix to […]

WOW – Image & Set Maker Hattie Newman
WOW - Image & Set Maker Hattie Newman

3 things.   Be patient – your bedroom won’t be your studio forever if you work hard! Make sure the presentation of your portfolio does your work justice – keep it simple. Make your own opportunities – they won’t come knocking on the door unless you find them first. Hattie Newman, 2013 Image and Set Maker Hattie designs […]

WOW – Illustrator Paul Blow
WOW - Illustrator Paul Blow

Ideas are the hard bit, the fun is in the making. The two cannot exist without each other. Paul Blow, 2013 Illustrator Studied: Communication Media BA (Hons) at Maidstone College of Art and Narrative Illustration MA at Brighton University. Paul Blow is a Dorset-based illustrator who, over the past fifteen years, has worked on numerous […]

WOW – Artist, Tutor & Draw Founder Jake Spicer
WOW - Artist, Tutor & Draw Founder Jake Spicer

Look at the world around you, and draw it. Draw to exercise your sense of wonder, to allow yourself to see familiar things anew and to remain curious. Jake Spicer, 2013 artist, tutor and founder of Draw Jake Spicer is head tutor and founder of Draw, an award winning Brighton organisation that promotes innovative and […]

WOW – The Enquiry Desk Team
WOW - The Enquiry Desk Team

Step out of the studio and your comfort zone. See what’s happening in your local area – socialise and flex your skills.  The Enquiry Team, 2013 Photograph of The Drawing Circus at TOM’s bar, courtesy of Draw Brighton. The Enquiry Desk team went to an extraordinary life drawing session last night in the Hove part […]

WOW – Q&A Three D Artists
WOW - Q&A Three D Artists

Some of the best art comes from artists who aren’t afraid of creating work that is difficult to make. The Enquiry Desk, 2013 at Boxbird Gallery hosting Quickfire Q&A with ‘ThreeD’ artists Tom Frost, Helen Musselwhite and Graham Carter We deliver talks at academic institutions and designs larger public events on creative professional practice and relevant […]

WOW – Artist & Designer Sarah Hamilton
WOW - Artist & Designer Sarah Hamilton

Unplug the computer for a week and take a magical mystery tour into the wonderful world of drawing. You’ll be amazed at the adventures you’ll have armed only with a pencil and paper. Sarah Hamilton, 2013 Artist and Designer Studied : BA Fine Art (Manchester)                Postgraduate Diploma Printmaking (Central Saint Martins)                MA Printmaking […]

WOW – Illustrator & Printmaker Sarah Ray
WOW - Illustrator & Printmaker Sarah Ray

Don’t be intimidated, focus on your work and what you want to do with it.  Be yourself in your art, it won’t work any other way! Sarah Ray Illustrator & Printmaker Studied: BA Illustration, Cambridge School of Art Sarah Ray is originally from the depths of Herefordshire, where growing up, she and her sisters would […]

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